Saturday, February 20, 2010

Barbie is now an Engineer!

The Article

I generally think this is good news! as Barbie has been a doctor and a pilot, but has yet to find herself in the remaining male dominated field of engineering.  Though she is a Computer Engineer as opposed to a Manufacturing Engineer (which would of course be better hint: that's my degree)... I use to be a camp counselor at an ALL GIRLS engineering camp and this totally think this fits one of the components which is " you can be cute and smart".  Usually I am not a big fan of Barbie - as I think she boasts an unobtainable standard of looks and I have been quoted as saying "my (future) children will never own a Barbie".  However, this seems a positive direction for her, also because of a recent conference I attended where it was suggested that one issue with lack of female representation in Engineering and Design fields is lack of role models.  So despite my feelings about Barbie - she has been an icon - and therefore will continue to be role model for young girls whether we like it or not.  I guess this gives me a bit of hope for future generations of girls.... amongst all the sex icons there is a bit of a silver lining.

How do you feel about Barbie and her 125+ careers?

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