Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Women's Sizes - A connundrum

So PriorFatGirl asks a question about women's sizes ... which got me down a train of thought I have often been on before.... See snippet from historical post made on my old blog:

Thursday, July 15, 2004
some thoughts...I think that women's sizes are
etremely messed up. somehow, depending on where I shop I range in size from a 12
in girls to a 5. Realizing that I am still a petite person, I think this is crazy,
guys are always the same wherever they go. I think this may explain why so many
women struggle with eating disorders.

Years later, I still say the size thing can be annoying. I also find that since I have been generally the same size for a long time. I really can't tell what size anybody is. I tend to just think everyone is my size. Which is interesting, since I am approxamately a 2... so in other words I am probably wrong. I am often suprised when I go shopping and find out what sizes people actually are. I think "You're and 8?!? I thought we were the same size." I don't say this out load though, because I am afraid it might be offensive. My old roommate would oft be annoyed as I would exclaim "Let's share clothes" or "Do you want to borrow my shirt"- She'd look at me like I was on crack and be like "Like I can fit into your clothes?!" The thing was I hadn't thought about it before. (Truly). Anyhow, it was annoying for me as well, because she had awesome clothes.

The other odd thing is I will see "thin" people in public places and I will have this conversation with the hubby.

Me: she's really thin. *gesturing towards thin woman*
Hubby: Ruby Leigh, you ARE really thin
Me: Am I really that thin ? *in tone of disbelief*
Hubby: Yes, very similar. *nodding*


Okay - so here is the other thing despite my apparent dysphormia - I have a really healthy body image. I'm not saying I love every detail (bigger boobs would be nice), but usually I am happy with my overall look. I know that I am not overweight, but I just don't see myself as being as thin as I am.

So umm... how insane am I? Do other people ever feel this way?

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Ruth Rogers said...

Your not insane. I can never guess what size people are. In fact, I always see them much smaller than me. I think that we all to some extend that some type of skewed image of ourselves, whether it's size or something else.