Thursday, December 18, 2008

Publicly Declared!

Life Review: I'm married, I have a new job, I turned 24, and now that my life is back to a slightly slower pace I feel there is once again time to blog.

I joined a facebook group about 2 years ago (totally guessing on the time frame), called Christian Liberals, it was pretty exciting just to find a group with such a name, and I think I joined purely out of novel interest. Well turns out the person who started this appears to have his stuff together and writes a blog. Why am I telling you all of this, well I am now a publicly declared reader of the this blog. (For those of who don't know you have the choice to be public or not!) The only blog I am a subscriber to at this point as I am sort of slow subscribe. I am sure others blogs will follow, but for now God's Eclectic's author should feel like a winner, as he is the first. Anyway, check it out! and the let world know I am a Christian Liberal. It's Public.

1 comment:

Colin Kerr said...

Oh, I feel like more than a winner. I feel loved. Glad we could all be part of coming out of the Christian Liberal closet together.

Now when are you going to set a blog follower application...?