Saturday, May 3, 2008

The first BLOG of "real" adulthood

Hi Faithful Fans and Interested Fellows, what begins on this page today is the result of a myriad of factors that compiled to result in the currently named "Witty without affection" blog. While it would be impossible to document with complete accuracy every whim and whisper that may have influenced this arrival, I can say with clarity that there are a few that I would like to discuss:

1) I'm engaged... which apparently means you need a wedding website, which apparently means your fiance will link your blog to it, which would imply you have a blog to attach, which means you need to get a blog because for whatever reason you do not wish to attach the one in which you discussed all your rantings from college beaus.

2) For some reason, I think I'm interesting.

3) Rumor is : Blogging is Fun!

Blog Title is "Witty without affection" yes that is snipet of shakespeare and yes I hope I am.

Blogger's age is 23, yes that is young, and I think that sounds too old. Note: I do not look my age.

Blog's theme is transient until I decide it isn't transient anymore.

Ciao for Now

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